This page lists all major features available in pretix. We grouped them by the different stages your event planning goes through over time. Have fun exploring! If you're bored by just reading about the features, why not just try it out yourself? We won't charge for test accounts.

Note that not all features are available with every edition of pretix and some are only added via plugins. We marked all features with the symbol if they are only available in the Hosted and Enterprise Editions, but not in the pretix Community Edition.

Marketing features

Voucher system

Our voucher system allows you to create discount codes to promote your event. A voucher can be valid for a number of products and a limited timeframe and can reduce ticket prices by a percentage or an absolute value. Every voucher can be configured to be usable once or multiple times.

Additionaly, you can use vouchers to reserve seats or block quota for the person who has the voucher code to guarentee them a ticket.

You can also configure certain products to be available only with a voucher. This way, you can e.g. make VIP products available only to specifically invited guests.

You can add tags and comments to vouchers to make it easier to evaluate which groups of vouchers have already been redeemed.

E-mail communication

You can send e-mails to all your participants right from the ticketing system. With placeholders inside your message you can directly address the recipients with their name and further individual information.

The system also automatically sends e-mails to your participants in many situations, for example after the completion of an order, after the payment is received, etc. With pretix, you can fully customize the text of each of these e-mails to have fine-grained control over your communication.

If you use a newsletter tool like MailChimp or Newsletter2Go, you can directly integrate your mailing lists with pretix. This way, your participants can subscribe to your newsletter as part of the registration process.

Campaign & affiliate tracking

pretix' integrated campaign tracking allows you to track the efficiency of your different marketing channels. By generating individual links for the various places where you link to the ticket shop, you can measure how many clicks and sales you performed via your event website compared to your Google AdWords campaign or Twitter profile.

You can also use this feature to set up an affiliate program and compensate partners promoting your event based on these numbers.

Additionally, you can integrate Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel for external tracking, if you want.

Resellers & ticket outlets

If you don't only want to sell your tickets online, but also at classical ticket outlets, pretix got you covered. You can build up your own reseller network with in cooperation with local stores.

Your resellers do not need any special hardware, they just need a standard internet connection and a printer. Of course, you can equip them with professionall ticket printers and high-quality paper, but it's not at all necessary.

The reseller accepts money in your name and our tools allow us to easily and regularly invoice them for the sold tickets.

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