This page lists all major features available in pretix. We grouped them by the different stages your event planning goes through over time. Have fun exploring! If you're bored by just reading about the features, why not just try it out yourself? We won't charge for test accounts.

Note that not all features are available with every edition of pretix and some are only added via plugins. We marked all features with the symbol if they are only available in the Hosted and Enterprise Editions, but not in the pretix Community Edition.

On-site functionality

Check-in lists

pretix provides a flexible way to check-in your attendees based on the needs of your event. You can create multiple check-in lists that you can use to keep track of the attendees that come in. You can use the lists together with our digital check-in apps or download the lists in CSV or PDF format and print them out to check them off manually or feed them into a third-party check-in system.

Check-in lists can be restricted to a certain set of products and are handled independent from each other. This way, you could for example scan the tickets of your attendees at your main entrance and also scan them at e.g. a restaurant. Using two separate lists, every ticket will show valid exactly once per list.

Want to know more about your participants? You can define free fields that your check-in staff can fill in at every check-in.

Badges or name tags can be automatically generated and printed directly from pretix, using your own design.

Afterwards, you can automatically create certificates of attendance for everyone who checked in.

Online and offline

Our pretixSCAN apps work best if you have a decent internet connection at your venue. This way, you can scan with multiple devices across multiple entries and you can be sure that all scans are processed in real time and no ticket is scanned twice.

However, reality is often more complicated and a fast and reliable internet connection is not available at many event venues. Therefore, all our apps support an "asynchronous" scanning mode that allows for offline scanning. In this mode, the app keeps a local copy of the attendee data and checks scanned tickets against this database. As soon as an internet connection is available, the database will be synchronized with the other devices in the background in regular intervals.

Automatically printing out the badge after the ticket was scanned? No problem either!

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Box office in an app

If you have some tickets left after online sales, it's good to be able to sell them at the door. Our cash register app pretixPOS makes this really easy: Being an Android app, it's easy to install and get started, even on cheap hardware. At the same time, all functions of a modern cash register are there. pretixPOS directly integrates with pretix, automatically synchronizing ticket quotas and allowing you to see all sales data in a single place.

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