Endless possibilities

Thousands of settings and extension modules allow you to tailor pretix specifically to your use-case. Our processes are designed to make your life easier, not harder. With our flexible options, pretix can be used in many different industries, including trade fairs, conferences, workshops, museums, swimming pools, festivals, and gala events.

Works everywhere

Your ticket shop works everywhere and for everyone: As a standalone website, embedded into your existing website; on a large screen or on every smartphone; in one language only or in many languages simultaneously. While developing pretix, we care about accessibility, privacy, stability and rock-solid security.

One central backend

Not only the ticket shop, but also all of our other products and sales channels such as our point of sale app are connected to the same backend. You only need to configure your prices and settings in one place, and you can see all your sales and data at one glance.

Direct payment

No need to wait for your money: Your attendees pay directly to an account that you open at one of our many compatible payment providers or even just directly to your regular bank account. We take care of automating the process and send you a bill for our service fees at the end of the month.

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