Box office has never been easier

No need for expensive hardware
Integrates directly with your pretix shop
Extensible with ticket printing and card payments
Upselling of additional products like merchandise
No additional license fees for users of pretix Hosted
In line with legal requirements in Germany and Austria

Everything in one place

There's no need to go through extensive configuration for pretixPOS. You only need to connect pretixPOS to your pretix account and it will automatically synchronize with the configuration of your online shop and allows you to sell all your event tickets right away.

You can see all sales online in real time, right next to your online ticket sales. After your event is over, there's only one place you need to go to get all your ticket sale data.

All receipts and reports from all your cashdesks will be uploaded automatically, so you can easily download them all at once.

Runs on commodity hardware

You don't need to invest in expensive specialized hardware to get started with pretixPOS. All you need is any tablet running Android with a supported version, as well as a reliable internet connection. Suitable tablets are available for less than €200.

If you want, you can try pretixPOS today, without taking any financial risk.

If you need an even more flexible setup for your event, you can sell tickets from using a smartphone just as well.

In addition, we recommend a receipt printer that we sell starting at € 240.

The microSD TSE (mandatory in Germany) is currently not compatible with Android 11 on all devices, so please don't upgrade your device beyond Android 10.

Pay by cash or card using Stripe, Square, SumUp or iZettle

pretixPOS supports card readers from SumUp, Square, iZettle and Stripe, which connect to your tablet via Bluetooth and allow you to accept payments with all credit and debit cards, as well as contactless payment methods.

SumUp's card reader Air costs a one-time fee of €59 and no monthly fees. Therefore, it's quickly worth the investment even if you only run events once in a while. Transaction fees are currently at 1.9 % for credit cards and 0.90 % for debitcards.

The iZettle Reader 2 costs a one-time fee of €29 and no monthly fees. Therefore, it's also quickly worth the investment even if you only run events once in a while. Transaction fees are currently at 2.75 % for credit cards and 0.95 % for debitcards.

Stripe Terminal is currently only available in the US and offers readers at $ 59 and payments at 2.7% + 5¢. Square is available in Australia, Canada, Japan, UK, and the US at different prices.

Order SumUp Air Order iZettle Reader 2 Get Stripe Terminal

  • Visa
  • V Pay
  • Mastercard
  • Maestro
  • American Express
  • card-apple-pay
  • GooglePay_Logomark_Primary_RGB_436x173px
  • Diners
  • Discover

Please note:

  • SumUp currently does not allow to sell tickets more than 7 days before the event. Prices indicative for customers based in Germany.
  • iZettle currently does not allow to sell tickets in advance - only for the events the day of. On request, an exemption to this rule can be granted. Please contact us for more details.

Professional ticket printing

If you connect pretixPOS to a network printer, you can directly print the tickets you sold. Of course, you can scan them to validate them with our check-in apps, immediately after they left your printer.

You can buy or rent a ticket printer as well as high-quality ticket stock from us. Please contact our sales team, so we can advise you individually on the solution that fits your use case and budget best.

It goes without saying that you can modify the layout of the printed tickets completely to fit your corporate design, just as easily as you can design online tickets with pretix.

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